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Nancy Butler is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, both in California and Nationally certified by the NCCAOM – the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, since 1987.  As a primary health care practitioner, she has extensive experience in treating a wide range of internal disease, women’s health issues, injuries, and pain. Using the most up to date research and modalities of therapy as well as the very ancient Chinese and Japanese methods, she continues in her commitment to helping others improve the quality of their health.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is over 3000 years old and it works. It is a truly holistic approach to healing. Diagnostic techniques are used, ones that you will not see used by your Western doctors. These ancient practices have been developed and refined and give the practitioner the ability to provide the care you need. The following are techniques used.

Pulses – checked at both wrists- with the possibility of many different qualities that indicate pathologies.

Tongue – showing pathologies as well, by looking at the color, coating, shape  and textures.

Abdominal Palpation – learned from my Japanese teacher Kiiko Matsumoto whom I’ve studied with since 1984.

Auricular diagnosis – yes, the ears! …learned from my teacher Lichun Huang who uses only ear acupuncture in her very successful practice.

Checking color, and temperature – your body has a lot of information.

Your body has a story to tell. The information is there. Also important is how things are working:  your digestion, appetite, sleep, stress and emotions. With all this information it is possible to give a truly individualized treatment, one that will treat your whole body, not just a part of it, because it is all connected. This is the beauty of this kind of medicine.



Acupuncture increases the circulation of blood flow and oxygen in the body. Traditionally this is expressed as Qi. You may have heard of Qi (chi) more commonly with Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices. With acupuncture, specific points and areas are used to facilitate the openness and movement needed for change and healing. Areas of blockage and stagnation can open up – pain is an example of this.  Acupuncture stimulates the body biochemically, producing natural hormones for healing and pain relief. It stimulates how the brain and  the pain receptors interact. It balances the endocrine system. It strengthens the immune system.

Herbal medicine is an important and powerful adjunct to the acupuncture. Theraputically, it works the same way acupuncture does. When necessary, a specific prescription is given to the patient to be taken as a tea, pills, powder, or tincture. The use of herbs is backed by thousands of years of experience and modern day scientific research.



Oriental Medicine addresses the underlying problem, the root cause of the imbalance which is causing your discomfort. It’s an approach that looks at all aspects of what is going on in your body, mind and spirit. This medicine does not mask symptoms like drugs do. It heals. And can prevent you from having to take medications.  It can prevent the need for surgery. It can help you heal faster after surgery, illness or injury.  It is important to know that there are different levels of treatment whether treating chronic or acute conditions.  In some cases you may need care for a while.  Sometimes there is no quick fix, even though we all want one. We are used to the illusion of the quick fix of medications, but they are not always a good answer; either not working or having side effects. There are no side effects from acupuncture. Rarely a bruise, always relaxation. But sometimes consistent care is needed for a while to move you into a healthier life.  With chronic problems, I often tell my patients to look at the bigger picture. You have been feeling so bad for so long, it took a long time to get to the poor situation you are in. If it took a fraction of that time to get well again, would that be worth it?

The following are just a few of the many conditions it is known to help:

Back Pain
Cancer Care
Common Colds and Flu
Digestive Problems


Joint and Muscle Pain
PMS and Menstrual Problems
Prenatal and Postpartum Care
Prostate Problems
Chronic illnesses


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